See, the way this works is that Stephen May, the author of TAG and the forthcoming Life! Death! Prizes! (due Jan 2012) interviews me for his blog. I then mention here that he has done so. He mentions on his blog that my website will mention that he’s mentioned me on his blog. You, who are reading this website, then click through to Steve’s site and decide you like it and buy his book, while the people who are reading his blog think the interview is great and come here and buy mine. Also, we mention on twitter that his blog mentions my website which mentions his blog, so people on twitter come and look at his blog and my website and then buy his book and my book. Some of those people also, possibly, have books, and they then say that they have bought ours, so we should buy theirs. So we do, and they do, and you do, and gradually our wonderful social network grows and grows until we are all happy and in love, and, importantly, more people have bought my book. I don’t care about other people’s books, now that I think of it. Just mine.

Steve’s wonderful blog – featuring an interview with me – is here